SafeHome Security System
SafeHome Security System has 9 individual Zones and supports wide range of sensors and detectors to suit your needs. This system also comes with Integrated Panic Switches and powerful hooters loud enough to alert the entire neighbors and chase away the intruders. SafeHome security Systems supports Home/Away and Day/Night mode to address different levels of security conditions. SafeHome Security Systems are extremely user friendly and simple to operate.

SafeHome Security System has been designed to operate in Indian Conditions with robust circuitry to withstand power fluctuations and has a built in back up power up to 6 days under standard sets of conditions which is several times more than the competitors..

Salient Features:

  • First ever security system designed for home use in India
  • 9 real time protective zones
  • Home/Away Mode
  • Day/Night Mode for ensuring additional safety during night
  • Individually programmable zones
  • Individual Zone Bypass facility
  • Audio-Visual Indicators(9 Zones+ 6 System Status LEDís + 1 Buzzer)
  • Zone tamper detection
  • Extra Loud Hooter
  • Option for additional Hooter
  • Easy to operate user friendly features
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Standard Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery Backup up to 6 days* during power failure
* Under Standard Test Conditions

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