Digital Audio Amplifiers
eVillage Systems for the first time in India introduces Class D and Class H series of Digital amplifiers. The main advantage of a c lass D amplifier is power efficiency. Because the output pulses have a fixed amplitude, the switching elements are switched either on or off, rather than operated in linear mode. This means that very little power is dissipated in the form of heat which leads to smaller heatsink requirements and hence lower power consumption. Class D amplifiers have an energy efficiency up to 94% compared to class AB amplifiers which loses out 40-45% of the energy in to heat loss.

The product ranges are mentioned below

  • 5.1 channel DOLBY compatible surround sound class D digital audio amplifiers
  • 5.1 channel class H amplifiers
  • 4 channel class H amplifiers
  • 2.1 channel class AB amplifiers
  • Stereo class D amplifiers
  • Class D subwoofer amplifiers
eVillage Systems provides complete audio solutions for automotive and consumer segments.

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