Press Release :-

   eVillage Systems has developed software/hardware solutions for iButton Access Control Systems
Friday: Oct 20 2006
Editorial Summary- iButton Access Control Systems
Salient Features and Product Varieties:
Bangalore, India- eVillage System has developed customised solutions for iButton Access Control Systems.

The iButton is ideal for any application where information needs to travel with a person or object. Affixed to a key fob, watch, or ring, an iButton can grant its owner access to a building, a PC, a piece of equipment, or a vehicle. The silicon chip within the iButton is protected by the ultimate durable material: stainless steel. You can drop it, step on it, or scratch it. (Try any of those with your Smart Card and see what happens.) The iButton is wear-tested for 10-year durability.

Salient Features:
  • Advanced Micro Controller Technology
  • iButton chip is embedded in a Higly Durable Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Lower Cost of Operation
  • iButton needs no powersupply source or Battery
  • iButton has a longer life compared to smart cards, magnetic cards and RFID solutions
About eVillage Systems:

eVillage Systems is a company promoted by Engineers who believe in bringing Innovative products at affordable price to Indian consumers. We have a broad focus area from Consumer Electronics, Industrial Engineering & Automation, Mechatronics, Sound Systems, Lighting Solutions to RFID Applications. eVillage Systems also does custom R&D to suit individual company requirements.

We are investing significant amount resources in development of products aimed at Indian consumers. Our development efforts are spread across the world with engineers working at both in India and United -States of America. Currently, we are setting up full fledged research and development center at Bangalore and a low cost Assembly and Test Center at Shimoga (roughly 200 miles north of Bangalore).